1/3/5/7/9/12/36/42 pins Needle Cartridge for MYM Derma pen Micro Needle DR. Pen For Dermapen

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The Dermape uses 1/3/7/912/36 micro sized 33 gauge micro needles to stimulate the dermis faster than a manual dermal roller, resulting in shorter treatment times. With an adjustable needle ( depth/length ) , the Dermapen™ needles vertically pierce the skin to enhance rejuvenation results, maintain epidermal integrity and reduce patient down time. Dermapen™ is an electronically powered micro needling device and uses a singular spring-loaded micro needle tip to puncture small holes at a rate of 1000/second.


Adjustable needle length: 0.25mm-2.5mm
You can adjust the needle length according to your derma pen.
It could be used on eyelash,eyebrow, face or lips.

1/3/5/7 pins used for PMS(Permanent Make-up System)eyelash, eyebrow, face or lips.
9/12/36/42 pins used for MTS (Microneedle Therapy System)
Nano needle(square&roudess) using the advanced biological nano meter, more safe, no harm to skin, Painless, non-invasive.

This needle cartridges is Suitable for the following derma pen:



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1 Needle, 3 Needle, 5 Needle, 7 Needle, 9 Needle, 12 Needle, 24 Needle, 36 Needle, 42 Needle, Nano Round Needle


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