Hydra Needle 20 with Serum Infusion Applicator

Hydra Needle 20 with Serum Infusion Applicator

HYDRA NEEDLE 20 is micro needle device for delivering cosmeceutical and hair growth solution into the dermis by lightly tapping it on your skin especially around eyes.

20 each of micro needles with thickness forms fine holes in the skin without pain (D=0.25mm, L=0.5mm).

Also Special spiral system is designed on each of those micro needles through which the solution flow down and can be transferred into dermis very directly and effectively.

This special needle system helps a solution take its effect perfectly inside skin.

Product description:
Painless Micro Needle with Screw thread for Direct Drug Delivery
Stimulate skin cell to induce collagen production for skin regeneration.
Micro needle is thinner than a human hair so it is No Pain
The Spiral Groove system for needle is to deliver topical serum into dermis layer directly.
Hypoallergenic 24k gold plated microneedle
Array of 20 microneedles
Microneedle diameter is thin 0.25 mm
Sterilized blister packaging

Collagen stimulating Uses: Due to the combination of fillers and Botulinum, we can achieve the following effects:
Fillers (Belotero)
Tightening of skin
Acne scars
Fine lines
Reduced pore size

It can treat the above conditions without the “frozen look” effect that sometimes occur with Botulinum injections.It will give you a refreshed and natural look.

1.Wash your skin with warm water.
2.Soak the top of the applicator vial about 5-8 minutes with 75% alcohol.
3.Wash the applicator vial with alcohol.
4.Put the essence of the liquid into the applicator vial. Carefully screw the top back onto the vial. Gently shake the vial 2-3 times.
5.Remove the safety and hygiene cover.
6.Pat the skin surface with the hydra needle gently. Until the essence of the liquid is fully absorbed by the face.

Special skin science of twenty micro needles for improving the great absorption of bioactive ingredients!

Delivering bioactive ingredients deep into skin layer.

Premium skin care system

No pain due to the size thinner than hair. The latest technology

The moment that you dab your skin, the time of your skin stands still. When you dab your skin with Hydra needle 20, the bioactive ingredients are penetrated deep into the skin layer.