Ice Roller Cold Therapy – Home use for Face and Body Massage

Ice Roller Cold Therapy – Home use for Face and Body Massage

Improves blood circulation
Tightens skin around jawline
Softens fine lines and wrinkles
Fights blemishes and shrinks enlarged pores
Soothes redness and eliminates puffiness
Brightens under eye circles

Ice rollers for your face help to depuff skin and make you look more awake — at least for a little while. Learn why experts love this chilly skin-care tool, how to use it, and the best ice rollers for your face to buy.

The Skin Derma Ice Roller is a hand held device that has a water and gel filled rolling head that can be frozen in the freezer. Stays cool longer then traditional ice packs. The roller can be removed from the handle and placed in the freezer, taking up little freezer space. Can be used at any place and any time to relieve pain and discomfort instantly. The ice roller can be also used daily to revitalize, refresh and rejuvenate the skin. It is a simple and easy device that makes your life convenient without melting ice.

Reduce Sport Injuries: Relieve Pain, tension and discomfort associated with sport injuries, aching muscles, arthritis, chronic back pain, sore elbow, tennis elbow, shin splints, sprained wrist, knee or ankles by reducing swelling and inflammation Maximize

Cosmetic Treatments: Speeds up recovery time from derma roller, microneedling, laser or chemical peel treatment by decreasing irritations, pain and redness. This leads to quicker skin improvement. Look Younger: Reduces puffiness and bags around your eyes. The cooling effect of the ice roller will refresh and revitalize your skin. You will look more youthful in just 1 treatment.

Instant Cooling: Ice roller can provide instant cooling effect without messy ice cubes. It can reduce fever and calm and soothe irritating skin after shaving or hair removal.

100% Safe: Safe for all skin types. It can be used daily to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. LOOK and FEEL YOUNGER: Our ice derma roller helps reduce stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, sun damage, cellulite massager, acne, dark circles under eyes, puffiness, injuries and more.

Ice rollers for your face — or any face rollers (i.e. jade rollers), frankly — are all the rage in the skin-care space these days. Their claim to fame is simple: Just roll them across your face for an instant solution to at least look less exhausted. Essentially, they give off a de-puffed and lifted effect.

It sounds pretty amazing, but are the skin-care results legit? The short answer from derms is yes. Face rollers stimulate the lymphatic system and massage the face, helping to get rid of puffiness, toxins, and reduce muscle tension. Essentially, this massaging action helps to flush out excess fluid, which is what results in a temporary contouring effect.

And you get some extra benefits when your face roller of choice is cold. The cooling action constricts blood vessels, which leaves skin looking tighter and temporary decreasing redness, making for an overall fresher and brighter appearance. (FYI, while ice rollers are great in this case, almost any face roller can be stored in the fridge to achieve a similar effect.) And on top of all of that, face rolling mostly just feels good, making it an enjoyable step in your skin-care routine.

When using an ice roller on your face, make sure you use it in an upward motion, like with most face tools, and begin from the center of your face and move outward. Don’t roll it too hard — you shouldn’t be applying any pressure to the roller, since you don’t want to bruise or irritate the skin. While you can gently roll your delicate under eye area, you shouldn’t roll the tops of your eyes in order to avoid injury. (Check out more solutions for banishing puffy eyes here.)

So, when should you be reaching for an ice roller for your face? Keep in mind that all of these effects, while legitimate, are temporary. Face rolling isn’t a magic solution to your complexion concerns, though doing so daily can’t hurt. That being said, ice rollers for your face are especially great to use any time your skin is inflamed, puffy, or swollen — think, after a late-night out or one too many martinis with a side of fries. Similarly, because face rolling does have these skin-enhancing effects, it can be a nice extra prep step before any kind of big event.

Ultimately, you really can roll whenever you want with a few exceptions. Avoid face rolling for two weeks to a month after filler or neurotoxin injections; this is because there’s a risk that the rolling can end up pushing the product into an undesired location of the face, cautions Dr. Nazarian. It should also be off-limits during recovery after any type of surgery that leaves a wound. If healing tissue is moved, the wound-edges are less likely to align properly and scarring can be worsened, she adds.

Ready to roll? Vaney ice rollers for your face that are worth trying.