Dr. pen Ultima A1: Best Professional Micro Needling Pen For Burn Scars, Acne & Stretch Marks

Dr. pen Ultima A1: Best Professional Micro Needling Pen For Burn Scars, Acne & Stretch Marks

This dr pen ultima A1 utilize the newest technology of varying speed and different needle lengths. The can be used professionally also in your DIY with a fraction of cost that might spent in a clinic or a doctors chamber.

The technology of speed variation and needle length has given the effectiveness of skin rejuvenation. This allows you maximum results in all areas of the skin and we have considered this pen as one of the best microneedle pen in this dermapen review.

With 5 varying speed and varying adjustable needle lengths 0.25 mm-2.5mm you can easily configure any location of your body. Smaller needles are very much effective for areas near eye and lip. While larger needles are in strong areas like stomach, leg, and back of your body.

This product dermapen is made from most advanced rechargeable technology which are followed by most of the spas and salons. It is a superior device that helps to generate production of new collagen and elastin fiber. This missammey auto electric pen has the capacity to tighten and rejuvenate your skin very effectively.

Only the perfect microneedling pen can effectively remove age spots, sun spots and hyperpigmentation very successfully. The number of pin one, three, five and seven are used for eye liner, eyebrow and tattoos.

Nine pins and twelve pins are used for removing wrinkles, repair mole pits, eliminate stretch marks and acne. Thirty six and forty two pins are used for shrink pores, whitening, spot removing and skin rejuvenation. You can easily use this pen both professionally and dermapen at home.

Key features of this best at home microneedling pen:
Safe with disposable needle: this derma pen is very safe that there is no pain, no injury and no infection due to use of sharp and disposable needles. No discoloration and major injury in epidermis are observed during and after the treatment.
Prevents skin issues successfully: This dr. pen successfully breakout, age spots, dark circles and puffiness. There is no redness, irritation and swelling you can see during and after the treatment is over.
Unique needle tips: The needle tips of this demapen has been made spring loaded for which it exactly penetrate the epidermis without any major injury. Moreover vertical penetration has given less pain and less bleeding.
Ice roller use: The use of ice rollers before and after the cosmetic procedure has made it awesome. It extremely reduces irritation, discomfort and redness. It successfully treats hair loss.

It reduces wrinkles, fine lines quickly.
Its construction is sturdy and durable.
Very easy to operate and safe.
The spring loaded needle are effective.
It helps in production of new collagen and elastin fiber.

The derma pen is heated for long use.
Sometime redness is found.