Is DermaPen Safe and Effective?

Dermapen is a very popular hand-held electronic device. You can even do it on your own. When  you consider to buy a dermapen to improve your appearance of skin and help with the skin problems, such as scars, acne scars, lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and much more. Safty would be your first concern. And now we want you to know that the answer is yes.

Dermapen microneedling pen is s an automated micro-needling device, with a disposable needle cartridge, that uses multiple needles to pierce the skin and produce thousands of micro-injuries. The micro injuries stimulate new collagen production and encourage the body’s innate ability to repair skin.

Microneedling Pen treatment is a minimally-invasive, no painful treatment intended to improve your skin with short recovery period. Dermapen treatment is far safer and effective for the patients then other traditional skin treatments.

This is 7 Color LED Photon Electric derma Auto pen.