2 in 1 Derma Pen Mesotherapy Gun Microneedle Therapy


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Nano electric water can achieve the effect
The first stage: moist translucent multiplier. Skin water content to enhance,catch the girl’s degree of water, the skin elasticity increased.
The second stage: detoxification metabolism accelerated. Nutrition is absorbed by the skin and began to take effect, the skin to accelerate the discharge of harmful toxins, erythema, Pigment is desalinated.
The third stage: white shiny blooming now. Toxins metabolism accelerated, white, gloss more and more obvious.
The fourth stage: compact beauty to develop. Collagen reorganization is completed, compact, smooth, elastic beauty within reach

Product effects
Deep replenishment
Whitening rejuvenation
Relieve wrinkles
Shrink pores
Enhance the skin

Nano electric light
Nano water needle is to deep skin nutrition products, moisturizing effect is very good.
Shuiguang nano needle wrinkle effect is very good, can be in loose skin filling up and stretch facial fine lines and wrinkles, Sichuan word lines, compact skin.
Stimulate the skin to accelerate the metabolism, play a contraction in the pores of the cell, and make the skin more smooth and smooth.
Remove the melanin in the body, improve the dark yellow and dry skin, and make the skin bright and white.

A nano water =1000 mask


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