6 in 1 Micro Needles Derma Roller for Skin Rejuvenation


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Product Description
Item: Derma Roller;
Material: PC;
Color: 2 colors for choosing;
Size of needle: 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm;

First open careful of derma roller bag and the microneedle derma roller to prepare to apply your face;
Wash thouroughly your hands and face with a washbasin and dry your face with a cotton pad before the procedure, rub well all areas to remove bacterias;
The Derma Pin Roller should be used with short rolling movements. These have to be meticoulously done, in orderly manner and without leaving a centimeter of skin without rolling. Homogeneity and uniformity of strikes, all performed with same strenght and pressure on the device, will assure a smooth result;
Follow 3 steps of needling to enhance the forming of the micro-channels. You have to roll in 3 directions on each area of your face: Horizontally, vertically, and diagonal around 7 to 15 times on each movement. Don’t roll twice on a previously treated area on the same session;
Allow dermaroller an interval of 4-6 weeks between the procedures to get good results;
Other procedures such as subcision, punch elevation may need to be combined for optimal results in acne scars, ex serium.

Clean the derma roller:
Wash throughly your face roller unit, with water and soap. Brush away any residual derbis after using it, then soap about 5-8 mins with 90% alcohol, or use ultraviolet to disinfect for about 45 minutes. You can also use a cold sterilizer like Clorexhidine solution. Do not use Chrorine, autoclaves, stream and high temperature sterilization method.

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