Professional Electric micro-needle Derma Pen


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DP17 Professional Electric micro-needle Derma Pen with 5 levels for Skin Rejuvenation and wrinkle removal

Model DP17
Type USB Charge
Plug 4.2V, 500mA
Color 3 kinds(silvery, gold, rose gold)
Speed 3 levels (blue/green/red indicator light)
Blue light 8000RPM
Green light 12000RPM
Red light 16000RPM
Product size 14.7cm*3.0cm(including needle)
Warranty 12 months

1. Three kinds color available.
2. Three speed levels adjustable.
3. 8000-16000RPM.
4. Needle length is adjustable.
5. Exquisite appearance.
6. Many kinds of needles available.

Main function
1.Promote skin care product absorption.
2.Reduce acne.
3.Remove scar.
5.Remove wrinkle.

How to operate
1.Clean skin.
2.Install needle into device.
3.Apply skin care liquid on skin.
4.Power on.
5.Adjust needle length.
6.Adjust speed.
7.Power off after operation.

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