What To Consider When Microneedling Under The Eyes

Microneedling and derma rollers have made collagen induction therapy more accessible to the market, since they’re minimally invasive methods that help with improving skin. While the best results from microneedling are still made with clinical appointments, derma rollers make treating localized skin conditions like eye bags and eye circles easier.

But are there any benefits to microneedling under the eyes? There are, but their efficacy will vary between patient to patient. In addition, there are certain risks associated with microneedling such a sensitive area, so more intense treatment is best left to either a dermatologist or a professional cosmetic practice.

How Microneedling Works

Microneedling works by using tiny needles to create small tears or punctures in the skin. As the skin heals itself, it floods the affected areas with collagen and elastin, restoring volume and thickening the skin during the healing process. Normally, this process is limited to clinical applications with a dermatologist or esthetician, but the popularity of derma rollers has made this more accessible to people who want to stay at home.

A derma roller is a small, handheld device that has a roller with hundreds of tiny needles. These needles are rolled across the face, pricking the skin layer and encouraging the body to flood more blood into the area. The blood rushing to the sites carries essential nutrients and compounds, which boosts production of collagen and elastin.

This has plenty of benefits for the patient: particularly, it allows them to treat acne scars, pockmarks, wrinkles, and stretch marks without at a fraction of the cost with a clinical treatment. It allows them to experience the benefits of microneedling without the hassle, and essentially helps them establish a skincare wellness regimen without professional help.

Considerations When Using A Derma-Roller

However, using this tool has some considerations. Derma rollers aren’t designed to replicate the exact effects of medical-grade microneedling machines, and neither are they permanent solutions to dark circles under the eyes. They’re considerably less effective overall compared to professional tools and expert treatment, so patients should set their expectations accordingly.

Another issue is that a derma roller requires regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure that no complications arise from using it. In particular, the device has to remain sterile so that any of the tears caused in the skin remain clean and heal properly. A patient also has to exercise due restraint with using a derma roller, as excessive application can wound the skin.

Why Microneedling Is Different Under The Eyes

Using a derma roller on the face is fairly standard routine, but special care needs to be taken if the patient is looking to use it on the underside of their eyes. Because of the extra sensitivity of the skin there, even light trauma caused by the derma roller needles can leave a scar. Scar tissue formation underneath the eyes is difficult to remove, and may even develop into further complications.

The three common issues with microneedling underneath the eyes are:

Less efficient than clinical microneedling

Because of safety concerns, derma rollers do not have needles that penetrate the skin as much as medical-grade microneedling machines. Without specialist help or advice, it’s impossible for a derma roller to compare to the results a patient can get if they have their sessions with a medical practitioner.

It also takes time for a patient to get used to the proper method of using a derma roller. Unlike a professional clinical application, it will most likely take longer for a derma roller user to see results from their efforts compared to an almost instant improvement from a clinical session. While this may not be a deal breaker for patients who don’t need too much work on the skin, it may affect the results of those who want more visible improvements.

The need for products and serums

Most experts agree that using a derma roller is best combined with a product or serum that can help support the results of microneedling. Hyaluronic acid, retinol, and PEP factor products are all commonly used choices with this skincare regimen. In particular, PEP factor products are combined with other skincare serums since it may boost their efficacy and overall results.

Cosmetic products and serums are also a necessity because of the trauma that the skin experiences when it undergoes microneedling. Without moisturizer, scar formation is likely. A sterile wash is needed to prevent the tears in the skin from getting infected.

Establishing a routine

Finally, a making and keeping a skincare regimen is the only way to benefit from all the effects of microneedling. Because the eyes are constantly strained (which can be further compounded by the patient’s own lifestyle), it’s crucial to use the derma roller at least three times a week so that the skin can be conditioned to produce collagen and elastin on its own.

Other skincare therapy routines like regular application of moisturizer can also help with improving the results from derma rolling. While the efficacy of the results may vary depending on the patient, consistency is always the key to achieving better results.

Treating dark circles under the eyes can be managed with a derma roller, but patients need to keep in mind that their results will always pale compared to a professional session. However, if they want to manage or prevent any more dark circles appearing between sessions, using a derma roller is an excellent way to keep their skin in good shape.

Microneedling under the eyes has a lot of benefits similar to microneedling the face, though special care needs to be taken to avoid complications or injury. Proper maintenance of the microneedling device and the right products should be used for the best results.

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